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megazone's Journal

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The Supercool Gang
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We're currently undergoing management changes. Please bear with us while we become more supercool.

About us

MegaZone is for people who are supercool. We do stuff.


As with notmal cool, supercool is hard to define. We're working on it. Expect a definition sometime between now and when the earth crashes into the sun.

Gang Bios

  1. minkus is the self proclaimed leader of MegaZone and supercool in general. He likes j-pop and has a real name, even though everyone calls him minkus. He is out of the closet.
  2. whippy-X represents the creative side to MegaZone. He likes The Smashing Pumpkins and is the creator of #megazone. He considers war to be a good thing.
  3. sublimal forms the technical side of MegaZone. He enjoys heavy metal music, and knowledgeable in all things computers. He the least lazy of the gang, probably the reason why he is the community manager and writing everyone's bios.
  4. balli brings a female's touch to MegaZone. She is minkus's ex, and doesn't like me, so I'm not going to write anything more.
  5. Tud is the strategist and tactical branch of MegaZone. Tud can't be described. He has to be experienced to be believed.


Think you have what it takes to be supercool? Become a member!

Conditions of Membership

To become a member of MegaZone:
  • Join the community, actively participate, and be an all round supercool person.
  • Make an introductory post about yourself. It must start with "I'm supercool because..."
  • Failure to do any of the above will get you banned. Deal with it.

Why should you become a member?

  • Bragging rights. You will be certified Supercool.
  • We will love you.


Our online headquarters is located on the AustNet IRC network. (server list).
The channel name is #megazone, join it.

megazone isn't maintained.

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